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End of service for Nightmare MMORPG

Dear players,

We are grateful to have been able to make you discover Nightmare during a year of service, as announced for a few months already, we have decided to draw a line under the name of Nightmare to hopefully revive the title under another name.

Nightmare was a success at its official launch on September 7, 2021, we released patch updates and new content in the months that followed, but with the few mistakes made for which we acknowledge our responsibility for many bugs, we managed to deal with and corrected all the problems encountered.

Thanks to the support of our community, we continued the development of the game to make it better, today it's time to turn the page of Nightmare. At the launch of Nightmare, within days it became apparent our game was not ready for the big audience as it was filled with bugs and lacklustre features. We as a development team were extremely disappointed with what we delivered. We spent this past year redesigning and fixing the game to the point where we felt our game no longer was the same game as in 2021.

The game server has undergone a character reset, so you will start a new adventure at the same level as other players, we have developed new features allowing players to discover a new game, in a more player-oriented game against players but all while keeping a proper players versus environment aspect and without forcing players to fight against other players.

We hope you enjoy the new world we have lovingly developed.