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Class Guide


Devoted to justice the Paladin is a defensive class who helps to support allies in critical moments of battle.

Their armor of preference is heavy armor, while they prefer a sword when fighting. The Paladin can shield himself & allies from incoming damage, deal powerful blows to eliminate weakened foes in the back lines & entice enemies away from struggling allies.

These traits and their defensive prowess makes the Paladin a welcome addition to any group.


A devout healer, the Cleric adheres to the sacred writings of the Order of Light in Sylvenus.

Equipped with a staff and light armor they are a valuable commodity for adventuring parties. Their healing and empowering abilities strengthen group play.

But, they have no fear of venturing solo using their abilities to survive even in the toughest of environments.


Years of strict discipline in a monastery has led to their intense focus. The Monk is a hybrid of a damage dealing & healing class.

They prefer medium armor & hand-to-hand combat. Able to deal damage quickly & defend when needed, the Monk is a balanced class who can heal allies in the back lines, before they land the killing blows.


A renegade trained in the forests of Sylvenus, the Berzerker is a defensive class that uses their adrenaline to deal unbridled damage while managing to ward off incoming blows with ease.

Able to instill fear into their foes, stop them completely, & transform into a ferocious bear to trample on enemies, the Berzerker is a great addition to a party that aims for more offense than defense.


Paying allegiance to no-one the Assassin is a damage dealing class that prowls in the dark corners of the night waiting for their next victim. They wear medium armor to reduce weight & wield two short-blades for quick strikes against unsuspecting foes.

The Assassin can hide in the shadows in times of danger, poison enemies & deal consistently high damage. They are the perfect solo class, but their contribution in a group should not be overlooked.


Master of the elements, the Arcanist is a casting class that wears light armor & wields a staff. They shun heavy armor as they have excellent means of controlling several foes at once, keeping them at a safe distance.

Burning with fire, slowing with ice, paralyzing with water, & preventing several foes from using abilities are some of the strategies the Arcanist uses to gain an advantage.

When death is upon the Arcanist, they can use mana in place of health for extra survivability. These strengths make the Arcanist the perfect solo class & useful when a party is in danger of being outnumbered.


Experienced in wilderness survival, the Hunter is a damage dealing class that prefers to stay at a distance while avoiding incoming attacks.

Their choice of protection is medium armor & they wield bows that deal high damage in a single strike. They can slow or encumber their foes & move swiftly in order to get the distance needed to snipe their targets with unmatchable precision.


With their enchanted blade at their side, the Spellblade is a casting class that can alternate between close-range combat & long range.

They wield a magically infused blade & wear light armor for protection from powerful abilities. They can prevent enemies from casting spells, shield an ally or make themselves invincible for a period.

They are excellent both in group situations & solo being able to flee from battle while defending from incoming magic.