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Patch notes of September 09, 2021

Published on 09/09/2021.

Patch notes of September 09, 2021 - Nightmare | Free To Play MMORPG

These patch notes represent general changes made to the Live version of Nightmare.


Bug fix


  • Fixed Flower Delivery quest,
  • Fixed a bug where somehow players ended up getting stuck outside the Kings Room and being blocked out during the intro scene,
  • Fixed a bug where you could sell your gold for 0 gold in shops,
  • Wizard's Wish quest is fixed,
  • Traitors quest is fixed,
  • Strange Tongue quest is fixed,
  • Fixed a bug where you were instantly put on cooldown for the Daily Rewards when interacting with the event for the first time in the VIP zone,
  • Fixed The Meeting quest,
  • Fixed "Dangerous Ties" quest,
  • Fixed players getting trapped in jail for Lucids quest,
  • Fixed A Hostile Environment quest,
  • Fixed collision issues in Ancient Prison Raid,
  • Fixed Frost Castle by adding NPC's,
  • Fixed Cotton Hat craft ingredients,
  • Fixed a bug where people wanted to remove their titles,
  • Fixed a bug with enchanting
  • Fixed chest in Throne Room. Now when the player has escaped the Dungeons during "Dangerous Ties" this entrance to the Treasury will be closed off. The other entrance can be found through the left wing of the castle, south of the Dungeons where you are imprisoned. The stairs in this location leads to The Meeting Hall where guards block the entrance if you are not on this quest,
  • Fixed VIP Daily reward vendor,
  • Fixed Stella NPC for the quest "Wisdom of Fools",
  • Fixed Ship Master NPC when Dangerous Ties quest is completed,


  • Added enchanting items in Urban Charms,
  • Added bows to be sold by Hammer & Tongs,
  • Added blocks to force the player to not deviate from the tutorial cutscenes during the town intro part,
  • King's Curse Quest changed to "Dangerous Ties",
  • Dangerous ties quest target is now The Joker (regular boss that is spawned in Odium Treasury),
  • King's Curse quest re-created and now involves getting a remedy for the King after the battle,
  • King will now populate in his room after the encounter with The Oracle,
  • Quests: Wizard's Wish, Retirement, Traitors, & Strange Tongue are now minimum level 35,
  • Removed warp point from Savannah,
  • Crystals in Savannah now require Crystal Mirror to activate,
  • Updated Broken Mirror icon,
  • Removed a few bushes on Regal Hill that made the path too cramped,
  • "Magic Power" shortened to "Magic",
  • King's Questline now complete,
  • Added Ship Master near Ancient Prison & at Crucible Docks,
  • Rebel Band now equips in the proper slot,
  • Description updated on Rebel Band,
  • Broken Mirror that drops from Acolyte raised to 5% drop rate,
  • Broken Mirror that drops from Wizard raised to 10% drop rate,
  • Cooked Steak, Pork, Chicken made stackable,
  • Gave Tarnished Goblet a temp sprite for now(misc_goblet1),
  • Moved a tree that was causing grapple hook issues at dancing river map,
  • Added "Ether" drink to VIP bartender,
  • Lagoon Rune reward removed from "The Bond" quest,
  • Swamp Boots reward added to "A Hostile Environment" quest (50 HP +10%, 8 ATTK, 8 MAG, 10 DEF, 10 RES, 12 SPD, 2% HP Regen, 4% Tenacity),
  • Quests in Black Lagoon now show quest rewards in chat box instead of dialogue window,
  • Prince Sylven VI added to Frost Castle boss room,
  • Added exp to Mummy's,
  • Removed EXP and Luck Pots from Rune Shop,
  • Changed hunters fox sprite to new unused skin,
  • Wizard's Wish is now minimum level 35 to match the level of content in Savannah,
  • Poison now has a cooldown of 10s,
  • Changed Prince Slyvens respawn time to 10k like other bosses,
  • Temporarily removed Conjurer Robe from Arch Priest in The Occultum due to scaling bug,
  • Removed ? on NPC Regal in Kimchi Village when the player don't have reached the level 35 and add a dialog "PlayerName you are not yet strong enough to be able to help me come back when you will be! (Level 35+)" for indicated the level requirement of this quest,
  • Allowed healing spells to heal non party members,
  • Allowed admins & mods to bypass bound & trade restrictions on items,
  • Dialogue for Lucid in Dungeons has been updated,
  • Added the ability to target party members by clicking on their health bars in the GUI,
  • Clan masters now teach Den Recall during "The Bond" quest,
  • Added the Crystal Mirror reward in the Wizards Wish quest.

Class Changes


  • Healing Pulse scaling amount increased to 200%
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