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Patch notes of September 11, 2021

Published on 12/09/2021.

Patch notes of September 11, 2021 - Nightmare | Free To Play MMORPG

These patch notes represent general changes made to the Live version of Nightmare.


Bug fix

  • Fixed Miner Bundy quest always showing question mark above head,
  • Fixed Spruce crafting ingredient requirements,
  • Fixed The Ritual quest,
  • Fixed Ales having no cooldown,
  • Fixed an infinite money glitch in shops due to an overflow in item quantity,
  • Fixed enchanting items,
  • Fixed a bug where equipment would unequip itself,
  • Removed a bug where interacting with all events caused an AFK Check,
  • Fixed a bug where LifeSteal was using CoolDown reduction instead when calculating life steal stats,
  • Fixed an issue with "Dangerous Ties" not completing quest task after killing Joker,
  • Fixed a glitch where King walked into the statue during introduction to "Dangerous Ties",
  • Fixed Lounge Fireplace Quarters lighting,
  • Fixed pants and skirt not rendering not rendering in some cases,
  • Fixed offset on pot break animation,
  • Fixed skill exp requirements,
  • Fixed animations on weapons that weren't mirrored perfectly,
  • Fixed animations on Crystal Mirror paperdoll,
  • Birch Furniture crafting ingredients fixed,
  • Strange Tongue quest now properly rewards Rune Tablet,
  • Retirement quest now properly rewards Elven Pipe,
  • "Dangerous Ties" quest now displays proper reward in chatbox when finished."You receive 5000 Gold, 1 Diamond XP Token, 3 Lg Experience Potion, & 3 Lg Luck Potion.",
  • Fixed "Cleanse The Evil" typo in description,
  • Fixed shadow on T-Rex sprite,
  • Book of Encantations is now properly named Book of Incantations,


  • Improved the fluidity of movement on corners & blocked tiles.,
  • Removed logs from table, stand and bed furniture crafting requirements,
  • If casting a single target spell that is friendly and we have no target, target ourselves,
  • Added AutoTargetAlly hotkey (default value: Control key),
  • Added TargetSelf hotkey (default value: Shift key),
  • Added a /mute command to allow players to mute other players,
  • Added shortcuts for /commands for Global (/a & /g) & party (/p),
  • Item Maxed out stats for items are highlighted in RedOrange,
  • Stand furniture requires board x6 board,
  • Table furniture now requires x16 board,
  • Meteor Amulet made no-drop, no-bank, no-trade,
  • Pearl Necklace made no-drop, no-bank, no-trade,
  • Swamp Boots made no-trade,
  • Class and level added to Wyvern Statue,
  • Class and level added to War Banner,
  • War Banner is now minimum level 25,
  • Replaced variables with quest conditionals for "Dangerous Ties" quest,
  • All keys except those rewarded in quests or retrieved via events are now universally drop, no guild bank, no trade,
  • Keys rewarded in quests or retrieved via events are now universally no drop, no guild bank, no trade, and no sell,
  • Ifrit is now the boss for Fire Cave,
  • Minotaur is now the boss for Earth Cave,
  • Yeti is now the boss for Ice Cave,
  • Cyclops is now the boss for Thunder Cave,
  • Bardic Puzzle in Bardic College now shows chatbox text indicating puzzle has been solved. Door has also been fixed,
  • Changed Black Widow spawn slightly,
  • Remove ? from King Ratticus in Odium Treasury when the quest is complete,
  • Prevented players from leaving The Treasury during "Dangerous Ties",
  • Ability "Judgement" MP cost reduced to 125,
  • Ability "Judgement" damage increased to base 150 HP,
  • Ability "Expose" scaling is now 125%,
  • Ability "Expose" RES debuff increased to -30 + -25%,
  • Ability "Expose" crit chance raised to 10%,
  • Ability "Expose" now damages 100 MP,
  • Ability "Expose" now stuns for 5s,
  • Ability "Silent Sword Slash" duration decreased to 4s,
  • Added Yeti to Ice Cave
  • Updated completed description on "The Bond",
  • Add The Cut Birch, Pine, Spruce, and The Large Wood Cutting quest,
  • Updated colors for Coal Ore, Coal Bar, & Coal Ore resource graphic,
  • Updated Entice ability icon,
  • Updated Spider Pounce ability icon,
  • Updated Constrict ability icon,
  • Updated Blinding Light ability icon,
  • Shore Cavern entrance is now in Mystic Swamps to match world map location,
  • Crucible interiors in Black Lagoon are now safe zones,
  • Updated missing stand icons,
  • Any buildings that were inaccessible in towns are now accessible,
  • Updated Invicta ability icon,
  • Improved projectile pattern for frost shot,
  • Odium Workbench in Training Hall is now "Odium Woodcutter's Bench",
  • Bronze XP Tokens from "Poison In The Water" quest now show "Mythical" rarity,
  • Updated Table furniture icons & auto-tile graphic,
  • Birch furniture color has been updated (icons & resource graphics),
  • Ash furniture color has been updated (icons & resource graphics),
  • Updated Stand furniture icons,
  • Updated Lg Bookcase furniture icons,
  • Crystal in Black Lagoon's Solum Castle now requires Crystal Mirror to activate,
  • Crystals have been added to Sanguis Castle which open the middle chamber door, as well as Vladimir's Boos Room,
  • Minimap improvements such as Zooming and Icons,
  • Improved projectile targeting.
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