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Patch notes of November 11, 2021

Published on 10/11/2021.

Patch notes of November 11, 2021 - Nightmare | Free To Play MMORPG

Hello everyone !

We are happy to share our 26th patch with you.

This patch notes includes new features, bug fixes and changes for Live and Test Server.

New Content

The Great Ascent is officially ready for players to access, and the level cap will be increased to 50. This applies to both standard level and tradeskills.

New Features

  • New world map and improved quest and town markers to help players from getting lost, 
  • Add a chat ... animation to appear when player is typing,
  • Added map terrain slow tiles (You will see places where we use this feature coming soon),
  • Added a feature for larger NPC's to take up multiple tiles rather than just one. (Primarily used for very large bosses),
  • Added a new ladder tile.


  • Reworked stat point cap to not be based off total base stats but purely off stat point allocations. Due to this change, maximum points that can be allocated to a given stat is now changed to 50,
  • Properly clearing the players damage map from dead targets which previously was causing defensive pets to act aggressively,
  • AoE hitbox frames now render below characters,
  • Improved Sliding,
  • Improved slow spells logic so slowing actually slows,
  • Improved animation rendering order logic,
  • Crafting stations are now craftable via Odium Workbench. The tiers are Stone & Birch for level 1 & Steel & Poplar at level 25 construction,
  • Changed color for stone ore.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where spells could ignore cast time when swapping spells whilst casting said spell,
  • Fixed a bug where skin cosmetics were not rendering when there was no equipment equipped for that slot,
  • Fixed an unhandled exception when drawing AoE Hitboxes rendering out of bounds,
  • Fixed a bug where dropping an equipped item would crash the game,
  • Fixed a bug where double clicking to deposit equipment would equip the item and deposit the unequipped item,
  • Fixed InputBox displaying input textbox,
  • Fixed savage fury spell. 
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