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Schedule of updates for beginning of 2022

Published on 07/01/2022.

Schedule of updates for beginning of 2022 - Nightmare | Free To Play MMORPG

Dear players,

We are pleased to be able to officially announce the update schedule for the start of 2022. We have planned as you can see 7 updates that will bring a lot of content to the game for this year. Whether the content is PvE or PvP everyone will find what they are looking for in Nightmare this year.

After these 7 updates, we think we are focusing on more and more content, we have tons of ideas and systems that we wanted to be able to add to the game quickly. A lot will change, but we've taken your feedback into account in shaping these updates and we hope you all enjoy these updates.

The update schedule may change depending on the progress of our work and may be subject to change. If so, we will keep you informed of any delays. 

The Nightmare team.

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